Sex Therapy

Do you have pain during sex or difficulty reaching climax? Is your level of interest in sex different to your partner’s? We have specialist sex therapy counsellors who can help.

Issues with sex and intimacy can be difficult to talk about, even with a close friend or a partner. However, not addressing them can lead to insecurity, angst, and can affect your ability to have a healthy, functioning relationship. It can also cause your partner anger and sadness, as they struggle to understand the problem.

Port Phillip Psychology offers professional counselling services for a range of sexual issues, including pain issues, mismatched desire or libidos, and a general lack of interest in sex. We also provide counselling for people coming to terms with their sexuality and for those struggling with sex addiction. We can help you develop ways to deal with any confusion, pain, or fear – as well as the reactions of family, friends and the wider society.

We provide a friendly and supportive environment for you to talk honestly and openly about your issues with a qualified professional, and to develop real ways of managing and overcoming them.

Call us on (03) 9585 4710 for more information on how we can help you overcome your sexual issues.

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