Sex Addiction Counselling

Do you or someone you know have a sex or porn addiction? We have highly experienced psychologists who specialise in sex addiction counselling who can help you regain control.

Sex addiction is a relatively recent term that isn’t widely accepted as a legitimate mental health disorder. Nevertheless the concept of being addicted to sex or sexual acts such as watching pornography is regarded by many psychologists to be as equally destructive as other accepted addictions such as drugs and alcohol or gambling.

Psychologists at Port Phillip Psychology believe sex addictions are legitimate mental health disorders and treat the sufferers and their partners with care and compassion.

Sex addictions result in intense feelings of shame, isolation, and frustration – not to mention the negative impact they can have on the addict’s relationships with friends and family.

As with any addiction, recovery requires honesty and openness. However, many find it difficult to open up about an addiction of this nature, even to a close friend or partner.

Talking to a qualified psychologist at Port Phillip Psychology is a positive first step on the road to recovery. We have one of the few psychologists in Australia who specifically specialise in this area. Principal Psychologist Michelle Thomson has worked with addiction to pornography, internet chat rooms, sexual fetishes and multiple partners, and has appeared on television and written several articles discussing the topic. Michelle is based at our Highett office. Senior Psychologist, Lin Chew also works with clients who have sex or porn addictions and works at both Highett and Chelsea.

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