Port Philip Sex Addiction Psychologists In St Kilda, Parkdale, Chelsea, And Cheltenham Are Dedicated To Helping Clients

Sex addiction can leave individuals feeling isolated, ashamed and misunderstood. Port Philip Psychologists want clients to know that sex addiction is a legitimate form of mental illness that does not need to be handled alone. Port Philip sex addiction psychologists in St Kilda, Parkdale, Chelsea and Cheltenham aim to treat clients and their partners with care and compassion.

Port Philip Psychology is comprised of a team of highly qualified psychologists led by Michelle Thompson. Michelle is a skilled psychologist with 20 years of experience. Michelle and her team take pride in their result-driven practice and are passionate about helping children, adults, adolescents and couples overcome any mental health issues they may be facing.

How Port Philip Sex Addiction Psychologists In Parkdale, Chelsea, Cheltenham And St Kilda Support Clients

Sex addicts can often feel alone and frustrated in their issues. Family and friends may also be suffering negative impacts alongside the addict. Port Philip Psychologists help clients to see that there is no shame in their condition and that overcoming sex addiction is possible.

The sex addiction psychologists in Chelsea, Cheltenham, Parkdale and St Kilda are experienced in helping clients with depression, anxiety, grief, relationships, infidelity, addictions, child and adolescent issues and more. The highly qualified team at Port Philip Psychology believes every issue is valid; there is no such thing as a silly or “trivial” concern.

Port Philip sex addiction psychologists in Cheltenham, St Kilda, Parkdale and Chelsea work with clients to develop management skills for day-to-day life and treatment plans to help clients overcome issues in the long term. The team also works to help family and friends understand the illness and manage negative impacts that they have suffered.

Port Philip Psychology Is Dedicated To Accommodating Clients

The Port Philip Psychology team strives to make clients comfortable and reduce stress to clients seeking treatment. The psychologists at Port Philip Psychology love what they do and have extensive experience working with adults, couples and children.

Seeking out and receiving treatment should be a minimal stress endeavour. Port Philip Psychology helps to make this possible by making clients feel comfortable coming forward with any issue they may be facing. The psychologists at Port Philip Psychology work with clients to reduce the stress of handling an issue by making the treatment centre accommodating.

Port Philip Psychology has a dedicated friendly and welcoming waiting and reception area designed to make clients feel comfortable.

The treatment centre also includes a child counselling room equipped with toys and games. Clients are welcome to bring babies into sessions with them if they are unable to secure childcare. Toddlers and older children are welcome in the designated child-centred waiting area that is complete with a TV, DVD plays and toys to keep children entertained.

Port Philip Psychology takes pride in making clients feel comfortable and welcomed. Michelle and her team are passionate about helping people overcome any issue they are struggling with in a low-stress and results-oriented manner.