Port Philip Psychology Offers Relationship Counselling In St Kilda, Aspendale, Cheltenham and Elmwood

Relationships can be tricky to navigate. Even though you have a partner, you can often end up feeling alone, hurt or misunderstood. Philip Port Psychology offers relationship counselling in St Kilda, Aspendale, Cheltenham and Elmwood to help you and your partner work through any problems you are experiencing.

Port Philip Psychology is comprised of a team of physiologists with extensive experience helping clients who suffer from depression, anxiety, grief, relationship issues, infidelity, addictions, child and adolescent issues and more. Led by founder, Michelle Thomson, Port Philip physiologists are passionate about helping individuals feel comfortable and provide access to supportive and effective treatment.

Michelle Thompson is a caring and results-driven psychologist who has over 20 years of experience. Her and her team of psychologists is dedicated to helping clients with a wide range of mental health issues and problems. No problem is silly or “trivial” to the Port Philip Psychology team.

The team prides themselves in becoming accommodating of their clients. A dedicated reception area and comfortable and supportive environment help to reduce the stress involved in clients seeking treatment. If clients are unable to secure childcare, Port Philip Psychology welcomes the inclusion of children. Babies are always allowed in sessions with parents. A waiting area equipped with a TV, DVD player, games and toys is ready to entertain toddlers and older children while parents or guardians are in session.

What Relationship Counselling in Aspendale, St. Kilda, Cheltenham and Elmwood Does to Help Resolve Issues

Relationships are dynamic and fluctuating. There are good times, great times and times of struggle in any relationship. Times of struggle can be frustrating or discouraging to partners. Both partners may be feeling isolated or confused in the relationship. Reaching out for help can help to unite partners in the action of repairing a damaged relationship.

Port Philip Psychology offers relationship counselling in Cheltenham, Elmwood, Aspendale and St Kilda for partners or individuals struggling with relationships issues. These issues can include infidelity, miscommunications or sexual problems. Port Philip Psychology has open doors for couples to come together or to come separately.

Clients will be met with a warm and comfortable environment so that they can feel safe in working through their current relationship issues. The highly-qualified staff at Port Philip Psychology can help alleviate anxiety, depression and stress related to relationships through creation and implementation of management skills and long-term treatment plan designed to help couples and individuals overcome problems.

How Port Philip Psychology Makes Clients Comfortable

Port Philip Psychology’s psychology team prides themselves on result-oriented practice. The team has identified comfort and low-stress treatment as key pillars to success. Relationship counselling In Elmwood, St Kilda, Aspendale and Cheltenham is available to help individuals or couples take time for themselves.

It is possible that one partner attends counselling while the other has no interest in counselling as a form of resolving issues. Port Philip Psychology welcomes individuals into treatment without their partner. The psychology team is ready to work with any dynamic that is presented to them.

Port Philip Psychology is dedicated to helping clients overcome problems that are impeding or damaging their quality of life or quality of a relationship. There is no need to suffer without help when there is a psychology team ready and willing to work with you.

Port Phillip Psychology

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