Parenting Skills

Are you overwhelmed or unsure of your parenting skills or techniques? We have experienced psychologists who can help you replace the frowns with smiles.

For all the joys it brings, there is no denying that raising children is one of the most difficult challenges a person will face. Any parent knows that trying to ensure children are safe, healthy, and happy can seem to take up every waking moment. Add to the mix work pressures, social commitments, and the general uncertainty of whether you are ‘doing a good job’, and parenting can sometimes feel overwhelming.

The stresses of raising children are exacerbated if you are raising a ‘difficult’ child who is continually disobedient, and doesn’t respond to discipline. This can make many mums and dads feel not only anger and frustration, but guilt that it is somehow their fault.
If left unaddressed, the stress of parenting can sometimes lead to depression, anxiety, and chronic irritability – but speaking to a psychologist at Port Phillip Psychology can relieve some of the pressure.

Whether you are struggling with the challenges of raising a child with a disability, or you simply need help coping with the everyday demands of being a new mum or dad, we can give you ways to manage your stress, anxiety and self-doubt.

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