Marriage and Relationship Counselling

Is your relationship on rocky ground? With over 19 years experience in counselling we have the expertise to help you get it back on track.

All couples face challenges and rough patches. Frequent disagreements, differences in values, suspicion or evidence of infidelity and financial pressures can all cause difficulties. If you’re looking for relationship counselling in Bayside Melbourne, come and talk to the team at Port Phillip Psychology.

Counselling can help couples improve their communication and understanding of each other’s needs. It can assist strengthen the connection and intimacy between partners and help shift the couple from problem focused to future-focused.

Ideally both partners are involved in couples counselling however it’s not uncommon that one partner is reluctant to participate. In those cases it can still be beneficial to attend on your own as often when one person starts to change it creates a positive reaction in the partner.

Nine of the most common relationship issues are:

  1. Different goals or priorities
  2. Pressure over finances and the way money is spent
  3. Mismatched desire (libido) or change in sexual intimacy
  4. Participation levels and agreement on parenting
  5. The impact of illness on the relationship
  6. Finding a work / family / partner balance
  7. Pressures from parents and in-laws
  8. Extra-marital affairs, cheating or online infidelity
  9. Remarrying and adjusting to step-parenting

To learn more about marriage and relationship counselling contact us today on (03) 9585 4710.  We have three convenient locations: St Kilda, Highett and Chelsea.

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