Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Are you or someone you care about addicted to drugs or alcohol? Drugs such as Ice, Speed, Marijuana, Ecstasy and Cocaine are highly addictive and very hard to quit on your own. Our experienced psychologists can help.

Prolonged drug or alcohol abuse can have a profoundly harmful effect not just on your physical and mental health, but also on your relationships with friends and family.

If you are ready and willing to do the work in conquering your addiction, talk to Port Phillip Psychology. We offer counselling services for people with the addiction and their families, providing a supportive environment for you to talk openly about your addiction with a qualified psychologist who is experienced in the area.

We can give you tactics to help you manage the everyday difficulties in overcoming your addiction, enabling you to form new mental and behavioural patterns. But we will also address the underlying causes of your addiction to ensure we are providing a long-term solution.

Your psychologist will help you realise who you are without drugs or alcohol, and discover a strength you did not know you had.

Call us on (03) 9585 4710 to find out how our counselling services could help you.

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