Depression Counselling

Do you want help overcoming Depression? We have psychologists highly experienced in Depression Counselling.

Everyone feels sad or down from time to time – but for some people, these feelings of sadness and despair can be ongoing, overwhelming, and debilitating. If you or someone you care about has these symptoms they may have Depression. We have psychologists who specialise in Depression Counselling with very successful outcomes.

At some point in their lives, an average of 1 in 6 people will experience depression – a serious illness that can have serious negative effects on the sufferer’s physical and mental health.

As well as sadness, symptoms can include feelings of prolonged tiredness, guilt, worthlessness, and irritability. You may experience headaches, poor concentration, muscle pains, problems sleeping, and changes in appetite. Changes in behaviour can include disinterest in your usual hobbies and social withdrawal.

If you think you are suffering from a prolonged and intense low mood, contact Port Phillip Psychology. We have qualified psychologists specialising in the management and treatment of depression, and have helped a diverse range of people overcome the illness and reclaim their lives. We are located in Melbourne’s Bayside suburb or Cheltenham and have helped clients from across Melbourne.

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