Seeking Depression Counselling in Elwood, St. Kilda, Aspendale, Chelsea, or Mordialloc? Port Phillip Psychology Offers Results-Driven Counselling To Help You Cope With Your Depression

Life can be difficult to manage when depression seeps in through the cracks. The joy you used to find in day-to-day activities may disappear and you might find yourself constantly battling negative, and sometimes even suicidal, thoughts. Unfortunately, depression often convinces sufferers that they have no way out of their misery, tricking them into believing that there is no option for recovery. However, depression counselling for St. Kilda or nearby residents can offer sufferers tremendous amounts of help and support. If you have been battling with depression for too long on your own, seek depression counselling for Aspendale, Elwood, and residents of surrounding areas at Port Phillip Psychology, a practice that places your health above all other aims.

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Many people believe the only helpful way to eliminate or reduce depression symptoms is through medication. However, depression counselling can be a highly effective way to help patients learn how to deal with negative thoughts, reduce the anxiety that propels depression symptoms, or learn to talk about what is bothering them before depression can attack. Unfortunately, depression has become a common illness that almost 17% of the world population suffers from, and thus, for Melbourne residents, seeking depression counselling in Chelsea, Aspendale, or Mordialloc can make a tremendous impact of a sufferer’s overall quality of life.

Port Phillip Psychology – Depression Counselling for Mordialloc, Chelsea, and Nearby Areas

Founded by Michelle Thompson, a psychologist with twenty plus years of experience, Port Phillip Psychology is dedicated to helping St. Kilda, Chelsea, and Mordialloc residents overcome their depression through effective counselling practices. Port Phillip Psychology believes that no problem is too small to tackle; if there is something that is impacting your life in a detrimental way, their counselling services can help.

Dr. Thompson’s highly skilled team of psychologists and reception staff will work hard to ensure you feel welcome, comfortable, and at ease within their walls. They also understand that busy parents often find it difficult or too expensive to arrange for child care during their depression counselling sessions, so Port Phillip Psychology allows children (and even babies) to sit in during their parent’s sessions, at no additional cost. Helping you deal with you depression is their top priority, and they will work with you to do all they can to provide long lasting and effective solutions you can use to combat your depression.

Making the decision to seek out depression counselling can be rough; however, the results and quality of living you’ll receive in exchange are priceless. If you have been fighting depression on your own for far too long, considering trying Port Phillip Psychology for effective depression counselling for Elwood and nearby residents. Port Phillip Psychology will use their collective years of experience and passion for helping patients, to ensure you receive high-quality care and counselling services that will provide you with the tools you need to regain control over your life.

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