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No more than 50 years ago mental illness had major stigmas attached to it. Seeing a psychologist meant that there was something wrong with you, that you had some inner flaw of character, that your suffering was a result of your own doing. Today, we know much better. The stigmas are finally fading away and revealing a single, difficult truth: more of us suffer from some form of mental disorder than was known before.

That’s exactly why you shouldn’t be afraid to call Port Phillip Psychology. We’re here to help you with any issue or problem that you may be having. Whether you need a counselling service in Black Rock, Beaumaris, Hampton, or Highett, Port Phillip Psychology is dedicated to giving you the help you need wherever you need it.

About Us

Port Phillip Psychology is located in Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs of St. Kilda, Highett, and Chelsea. The practice was formed by Michelle Thompson, a psychologist with more than 20 years of experience. The staff composes of trained, educated psychologists, all of them adept to help you with your problems with an empathetic, rather than judgmental, eye. There’s no problem so out-of-control that it can’t be helped with the appropriate counselling, so if you live in Highett or Hampton, don’t be afraid to call Port Phillip Psychology and we will find the right psychologist for you.

Problems that May Not Be Avoidable, But That Can Be Treated

As humans, we like to feel in control; it is wired into our very nature. However, sometimes problems spiral out of our control and we feel a profound sense of helplessness against forces outside us and within us that we can’t make sense of or understand. This is not our fault, and counselling services are designed to help manage these feelings of helplessness and make you aware of the things that you can control and let go of the things that you can’t.

Life dictates that we all feel stressed and anxious from time to time, and this anxiety is normal and usually passes once the source of the stress and anxiety is removed. For some people, though, anxiety can come from seemingly no external cause. It is free-floating, extremely powerful, and living with it can make one feel helpless and vulnerable. These kinds of feelings can signal an anxiety disorder, an illness that affects an average in 1 in 4 people in Australia. The commonality of this disorder speaks to the fact that the sufferer is not alone; that other people suffer much like him/her, and that there is help out there. So if you’re searching for counselling in Black Rock, Beaumaris, and beyond, call us at Port Phillip Psychology, and we’ll ensure that we find the right psychologist for you.

Need A Counsellor in Black Rock, Beaumaris, Hampton, Highett, or Elsewhere? Contact Us Today

Here at Port Phillip Psychology, we pride ourselves on making you feel comfortable. We understand that when in distress, reaching out for help is extremely hard. It requires a relinquishing of control that humans are already struggling with, but the counselling will help re-establish some sense of control, or, at least, make you feel comfortable with things you have no control over. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, addiction, or relationships, these are issues that can be overcome. So if you’re coming from locations like Black Rock and Beaumaris, Hampton and Highett, or elsewhere in the Melbourne area, call us on 9585-4710.

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