Bipolar Disorder

Do you have Bipolar Disorder or are you worried about someone whose mood changes from really low to high?

Bipolar disorder, previously called Manic Depression, refers to the experience of extreme ‘mood swings’. That is, the extreme highs and lows of mania and depression. A person with Bipolar disorder will have recurrent incidents swinging between elevated, positive moods and depression – though the patterns of these mood swings vary according to the individual.

Many people with Bipolar disorder can go undiagnosed for years, as their episodes of mania and depression may initially be difficult to distinguish from ‘regular’ changes in mood.

If you suffer from Bipolar disorder, or are worried that extreme changes in your mood are interfering with your quality of life and ability to function normally, help is at hand. While there is no cure for this disorder, seeking treatment from a qualified professional can help you manage the symptoms and regain control of your life.

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