Anxiety Psychologists In Aspendale, Cheltenham, Chelsea And St Kilda Are Here To Help

No one makes it through life without feeling the throws of anxiety. Anxiety is a very natural part of life. It is that feeling you get before a big test, game, public speaking event or meeting. It is the feeling that compels you to go to work, get your homework done or create a to-do list. However, 1 in 4 people in Australia suffer from what is known as an anxiety disorder.

An anxiety disorder is a feeling of nervousness or intense worry that affects your daily life or your ability to accomplish work. Other symptoms of an anxiety disorder can include feelings of restlessness, inability or difficulty sleeping, a quickened heartbeat and muscle pains. If you are feeling anxious and are unable to identify why you may be feeling that way, Port Philip Psychology is here to help you.

Port Philip Psychology was founded Michelle Thomson, a psychologist with over 20 years of experience. Michelle and her team of qualified anxiety psychologists in Cheltenham, Aspendale, Chelsea and St. Kilda work with clients on issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, relationships, infidelity, addictions, child and adolescent issues and more. This team of passionate psychologists, led by Michelle, pride themselves on their extensive experience and result-oriented practice.

What Anxiety Psychologists Can Do To Help

Port Philip anxiety psychologists in Aspendale, Cheltenham, Chelsea and St. Kilda are a group of highly experienced practitioners who are dedicated to helping children, couples, and adults overcome their problems. There is no such thing as a “trivial” or silly issue to the results-driven staff. If there is an issue in your life that is affecting you, it is in your interest to seek psychological help.

Michelle and her team are dedicated to making patients feel comfortable and supported. The Port Philip team of anxiety psychologists in Chelsea, Aspendale, Cheltenham and St. Kilda put a strong emphasis on making sure that their clients do not experience excess stress while taking time to take care of themselves.

Port Philip Psychologists have experience working with a wide range of clients who are dealing with anxiety disorders. They will work with you to create everyday management strategies and help you to overcome long-term anxiety problems.

Michelle and her team of psychologists love what they do and offer clients support born of years of experience in helping adults, couples and children overcome their problems.

How Port Philip Anxiety Psychologists in St Kilda, Aspendale, Cheltenham and Chelsea Offer Extensive Support to Clients

Making, coming and continuing with a treatment plan is stress enough. The primary goal for clients is to focus on their mental health and to get the treatment they need. Port Philip Psychologists have learned, through years of experience, how best to support their clients. This support includes a low stress and comfortable atmosphere when coming to work with a psychologist.

The waiting and reception area at Port Philip Psychology is child-friendly. The team has created a child-specific counselling room equipped with games and toys. In the event that a client cannot find childcare, babies are welcome to come in the session and a designated area with a TV, DVD player and toys is ready and waiting to entertain toddlers and older children.

Port Philip Psychology offers a low-stress and support environment for families, couples, adults and adolescents to come and seek the help they need to have a happy and flourishing life.

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